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Day 9 #100daysofadventures

It’s Day 9! #100DaysOfAdventures!

I just keep waking up each day feeling more and more grateful for each new day! There have been an array of simple adventures so far. Including a few days of nesting at home and being creative in our own space! Last night we went to see Che Malambo an Argentinian Dance Group at the Concert Hall in Portland and it was great! We stayed for the first act and it was perfect for us! Just another confirmation that WE define what works for us in life. We get to write our stories.

self care

100 Days Of Adventures exists so that I can remember what it is like to wake up excited each day to live life. I have become so overwhelmed as a small business owner. Having been a business woman for my “personal brand” for over 30 years, since I was a kid, I just became overwhelmed and exhausted. My whole life has always been about work work work, making money, and just existing! MISERY.

Every day is about me regrounding myself and rebuilding my foundation.  Getting back to ME so I can be closer to self, my intuition, and have closer stronger relationships as well with my husband, family, and people in my life.

Day 9!!!!

I have been lifting weights again and feeling stronger too! Small Steps, Giant Leaps to ME.

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