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3 simple steps to reclaiming your life with Chronic Illness

3 simple steps to reclaiming your life with Chronic Illness

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls when we least expect them. Chronic Illness & Disease is at the top of the list of many of our biggest fears. For those of us who receive the unexpected diagnosis of having a Chronic Illness, it can be absolutely devastating. It changes the structure of the lives we have created and affects our relationships, careers, finances, and our overall mental well being. Suffering from Chronic Illness can feel hopeless. There are several ways it can destroy your will to  continue living life as you have known it. Not only the physical pain it creates, but the mental struggle you begin to endure when trying to face this new reality.

Here are 3 simple steps to reclaiming your life with Chronic Illness:

  1. Love Yourself – Sounds so simple right? It can be challenging to do when you are suffering with Chronic Illness. It’s an important aspect of healing and if your illness does not have a cure, it’s the most important part of living with your disease. You can start loving yourself by making positive choices on how to combat your illness by creating a wellness program for you to follow. Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, stepping out into the fresh air, thinking as many positive thoughts as you can. Create a series of affirmations to say in the mirror and use them even on your worst days.  An example of one is “I am Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Free, and Fearless”. It may not be a cure, but when you apply the step of giving yourself the love you deserve with a little self-care, it can go a long way. 
  2. Embrace the Experience – Life gives us only what it knows we can handle. You have been given this experience as part of your own personal growth. You are stronger than you may believe you are. Chronic Illness is not an easy battle to face, but the more you fight against it, the worse it becomes. When you are in conflict with what you are experiencing, that is often when you suffer MORE than you have to. Challenge yourself to embrace the experience. Read books, educate yourself, find a support group, seek therapy. Make positive actions to living the best life you can.
  3. Advocate for your Disease – What better way to help yourself, then to help others simultaneously. By advocating you will gain a sense of purpose and make a difference. Advocacy also helps to remind you, that you are not alone. There are several ways to be an advocate. If you are bedridden or immobilized you can even advocate from the comfort of your own home. Bring awareness to your disease by utilizing technology, social media, leveraging your experience by sharing with family, friends, and your community, or even create a foundation.


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